Open Water

June 7, 2015 - 09:16 | author: Bálint F Gyula | translator: Herkely Dominica | photo: Mihálydeák Antal, András Tünde

40 days, 2860 kilometers and after 900,000 paddles strikes per person and arrived at the Black Sea. Then on the way back the kayak fell over, we ran out of gasoline and the horseflies are tweaking.

The first program of our last day was sekler cake baking. The entire team marched to the school Letea, where the children of the kindergarten and primary school where learning. The team heated the coal in the oven, and we began to bake the cakes. At quarter to nine, the children filed out to the yard and watched what is happening with high interest.
"We will have a grill party" - said one boy, but he was wrong.

Soon the courtyard was filled with the scent of browned sugar and vanilla. The cakes on the three Bake'n'Roll were browning. After they were done, we cut them in half, and put on a tray. We had to wait a little while to cool down, but the kids were all very disciplined. They were chatting, a few boys and girls were kicking a soccer ball. The children were curious about the sekler cake, that we offered to them, and soon we heard a few "you, it's delicious!" sentences.

We had to leave with Gáspár, the others stayed to bake some more cakes, because with the 150-horsepower speedboat they can soon catch up with us. We made a group photo with the kids, and then we went to the shore and paddled further on the Letea channel. Yesterday in the late afternoon we saw only water lily buds on our way to Letea but here it had all been already open.

We were halfway between Letea and Sulina, when we heard the sound of the Suzuki behind us. Anthony made a few vidieos, and then they moved on. There was not much to see here, however, at Sulina they had the chance to see something at least on the beach. Some of the company got into a terrace, the captain were chasing girl, as long as we have arrived with Gáspár. After the short stop, we left with Gaspar (we had our rest before we turned to Sulina from the channel), motor boat waited a bit and caught up with us some kilometers in front of the sea. A seagull was looking curiously as we passed him. Here we were already paddling between two stones walls. The other side of them were already washed by the sea.

At the entrance of the channel we have noticed a half-sunken ship in the distance, and then we saw one on the left side behind the wall. The speedboat boy told us that the vessel at the entrance sank this year, the other is there for five years and one has already been destroyed. However, the huge "safety first" paint that appears on such a wreck is rather ironic.

We had a few hundred meters back, then just a few meters, and then much less. We have reached the Black Sea. Hands up in the air, we received a small round of applause from the boat. We took out the little bottle of champagne that we brought with us. Gaspar opened it and made the biggest irresponsibility on that day, he offered me to drink it. I tasted it, but then I remembered the way how champagne is professionally use, and splashed around his neck the much of the rest :-)

40 days (17-10-13 breakdown), 2,860 kilometers from the source, roughly 900,000 paddle blows are the main numbers. A few more details can be found on the main page of the Danube 2860 title monitor.
The sekler cake baking was well done as well, the kids have packed some to their parents as well.

The lessons learned from the tour? This is what Gaspar says: "With small steps and perseverance anything can be achieved, such as with 70-80 km daily paddling you can cross half of Europe. Man feels free to in the middle of the Danube River, but knows that everything depends on him. To where, how and in what direction are you moving. And this is true in real life too! "

In the sea we got into the motorboat with Gáspár, then we tied the kayak behind of it, and we went back to Gorgova. But that's another story, which also turned out as a big fun and it well worth a separate article.

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