Charity kayak tour

May 25, 2014 - 18:15 | author: VKT

We are planning something super exciting this year again; as a precursor of the II. Chimney Cake Festival, the Vitez Kurtos Team will paddle from the Black Forest all the way to the Black Sea, to save lives. In the mean time, we are fully focusing on the preparation of the autumn “chimney-feast”, which will be even more thrilling than last year. The homely feel is constant, however the scope will widen and we are planning to beat a record, too.

The heart of the city will be filled with the smell of the heavenly cakes. We are already working at high pressure for this superb, tasty event, and hoping, we`ll beat last year’s numbers in all aspects. All kinds of different, various, interesting programs, concerts and performances await the sweet-tooth children and adults.

Amongst others will get on stage Der Heni, Toth Gabi, the Indygo band, Csepregi Eva with the Neoton Swing show and Takacs Nikolas as well. We`d like to extend the stage with a show-bakehouse called “elf-house”, where up to ten virtuoso will be baking the chimney cakes, therefore providing a much faster service.

We are also planning the Big Bake-off (Nagy Kozos Sutes) for Saturday, and the plan is to beat records once more. If you are enthusiastic enough, you will be able to try yourself in chimney cake baking, using our mobile Bake`n`Roll sets, in the “Do it yourself” (Csinald magad) booth, where one of our star guest will assist you.

However, we are also going to test ourselves prior to the sweet festival: the “gallants” (“vitezek) will start their journey on the 2nd of June, and row from the spring of the river Danube (Donaueschingen) to the Danube Delta. This means no less than 2860 km of paddling in different stages, to reach the Black Sea around the middle of July. The purpose of our mission is to prove the healthcare of an underdeveloped and small town, C.A. Rosetti and its four nearby townships, by providing an automatic defibrillator.

We are on this case since 12th of March and make sure that from each cake sale, 15 Ft goes towards the cause, to be able to purchase the life saving equipment. We are slowly achieving our target – the cost of such facility is around 500 thousand Ft – which means, we have to sell nearly 40 thousand chimney cakes.

A curiosity, that through our journey wherever we`ll stop, we`ll bake our chimney cakes for the residents and the local Hungarian community, to acquaint the real tasty chimney cake with the nationalities around the Danube, as well as to spread the word about the Chimney Cake Festival too. Another interesting point in this tour is that anyone could join this adventure either by kayaking on shorter-longer distances with us or by following us riverside on their bikes. As for example, the rest of our team will join us on the stage between Vienna and Budapest, and will ride through the journey with us. Whoever decides to link will have the opportunity to try chimney cake making with us every evening.

Daily reports, photos and a documentary will be produced of the event, which will be presented on the Chimney Cake Festival.

Until then, for a more exciting wait, consume as much Vitez Kurtos as you possibly can and support the charity tour.

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