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June 9, 2011 - 06:53 | author: VKT | photo: Bálint F Gyula

In 2011, Bálint Gáspár and Bálint F Gyula entered the Saharun Adventure charity event, and African off-road car tour which has led to the foundation of the Vitéz Kürtős Team.

Further adventures followed; and with the help of the Vitéz Kürtős staff – those girls and boys you meet when you are visiting one of Vitéz Kürtős’ bakeries – these activities never stop.

They are now part of the team as well – whether taking part actively or supporting from a distance -, the mission is to pass the legacy of the chimney cake and the Transylvanian cuisine to the World through charities, travelling and by emphasizing the importance of sport and other sport related events.

Our tours come true with the support of the Vitéz Kürtős – it is an honour to be given the opportunity to share the name -, the brand that is not only offering the true chimney cake baked on live coals, but a special experience and a travel into the World of enticing tastes.

The team


Born in Odorheiu Secuiesc, in 1976. Businessman, however, graduated in 1999 as an engineer, having studied at the Engineering University of Cluj Napoca, in the subject, Fine Mechanics.

Having owned a few businesses in Romania and Hungary, he has gained more experience through the FMCG enterprise. In 2004 he founded his Hungarian company; he has pursued his dream and created the Vitéz Kürtős brand, which is now a well-known trademark in the country.

Since 2009 he is a dedicated sportsman; his sports include running, swimming, cycling. He took part in several amateur races such as E.ON Delibab Mountain Bike Marathon and Bike tour around the Hortobagy, BSI Velencei Touszas (swimming through the Velence Lake) and the KEKES CSUCSFUTAS (a run to the top of the highest point of Hungary).

In 2011 he participated in the Kilimanjaro Hiking tour with the team of Eross Zsolt, which he successfully completed. He also passed the Defendo Hard target exam.

A World traveller, having been to 26 countries; New York, London, Paris, Napoli just a few of the so called Western cities, but he has also been to the Balkan and the Middle East too, like Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, India, Thailand and overseas in Cuba.


Born in 1973, in Hunedoara, and moved to Cristuru Secuiesc with his family at the age of 9. He is a designer, having completed his studies in the Academy of Visual Arts and Design, Cluj Napoca in 1998.

He moved to Budapest in 2000. Attended go-kart races in 2004 and in 2005 he won the first 24 hours Karting Marathon in Mariapocs with the Pénzes Kart Team. Two years later, as part of the Arrows Kart Team, he scored category wins and achieved an overall third position on the second 24 hours Karting Marathon, in Kakucsring.

Since 2004 he operates as a sport photographer and journalist; in 2005 he launched the portal, which was followed by the in 2007 (now called and is the official page for the Autos Gyorsasagi Orszagos Bajnoksag - National Speed Racing Championships). They are united now under the brand AUTOKART.

From the autumn of 2009 to January 2011 he was the leader of the Karting Work Commitee in the National Motorsport Federation of Hungary.

Next to the technical sports, he is a freelance graphic designer, web designer and theatre photographer.

Experienced in touring, hiking is always a summer plan with his friends. He has been to 23 countries so far.

28. SPAR Budapest Marathon relay (with the guest participation of Donka Attila)

Nike Budapest Half Maraton relay (with the guest participation of Kersner Noémi)

24 hours Bike Maraton

Scooter Tour de Corse 2013.

The team on skates again

El Camino 2012.

Balaton bike tour

Around the Tisza lake

Bike tour in the Danube bend.

The Vitéz Kürtős Team on the Nagy-Szánás hill.

Saharun Adventure 2012.

Skating on the top of Wstend City Center

Having fun in the G1 Kart Center

Gáspár on the summit of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in February 2011.


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