Through the channels and lakes

June 6, 2015 - 12:52 | author: Bálint F Gyula | translator: Herkely Dominica | photo: byF, Mihálydeák Antal

The Vitéz Kürtős Team has arrived to the finish line, on the 39th day of the tour we paddled in the UNESCO World Heritage Danube Delta.

Last night Gaspar's parents arrived, who wanted to see as you paddle to the sea. They also brought my mother from Cristuru Secuiesc/Szekelykeresztur, so she could see every important moment as well. None of them was at the Delta before, at it was certainly strong enough motivation to come here. Tunde, Anti and Öcsimix also arrived, so for the last two days we have a professional cameraman with us again.

We started from Tulcea in the morning, from the camping site which is located about four kilometers in front of the Sulina channel, followed by the gaze of the new attendants.

We had no shortage from the big ships here either. The first float away in front of us before we started today’s route, the other two at the quite narrow Sulina channel. Despite the fact that at the upper sections of the Danube by the larger ships coming from behind caused waves gave us some unpleasant moments, these downward moving seafarers barely generated waves. In fact, they did not go very quickly, probably they have a speed limit applied here. The small motor boats have no limitation is applied, they are racing all around, but in a civilized manner. As soon as they noticed us, they slowed down, and only speeded up again when they already passed us. This is particularly important in the small, narrow channels, because not only the primary waves, but also the returning waves from the nearby shore could lash up to the water.

The cars came till Gorgova, where we could rest a bit and arranged a speed boats, that will be our guide in the last two days. It came from Sulina to collect our group that is following us on final days, but we did not wait for it. At Gorgova we paddled into the real Delta through the channel that is called Kossuth street.

We were paddling on the Sontea channel to Mila 23 when the speed boat caught up us. During the consultation with the driver it turned up that the route what we planned Mila 23 - Trei Iezere - Bogdaproaste - Old Danube - Custody can not be paddled through, the lakes are blocked. He suggested to we go to the north through the Matiţa and Merhi lakes, and arrive at Letea from north.

The followers came for a while behind us, but then we let them go. Looking at the map, we discovered that we can skip the winding channel in front of Matiţa, if we paddle east to Miazăzi lake, and from there to the north to Matiţa. We undertook the risk that it may be overgrown by plants. There were some plants, but the rout what we needed was used by the locals, and there was an accessible channel between them.

At Merhei a downpour caught us, which is very attractive in these large lakes. We had similar experience on the Danube, with Attila Donka. Since it was not any cloud over us, first we could not understand what makes the water rushing in the distance, on the left, but as the rain front approached us, we saw that we would be soaked soon. Then, as quickly it came over us as quickly marched through the rain. For several minutes a rainbow testified about the rain, but then it was quickly gone.

We were close to Letea in the recently cleaned channel, when we noticed a group of black starlings. The infested the coast and flew over the channel. As we approached them, they flew further, and then we saw the cause of the rout. Mayflies swarmed, so it is not enough that they live just for a few days, the starlings hunt for them too. Now, a few hundred of the mayflies got a few minutes of respite from us.

Anthony camcorder was already filming the sunset in time lapse mode when we arrived at the lower end of Letea.

The others were already settled at the hotel, which like last January when we were here with Anthony, was in the guest room of the village’s mayor.

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